From greenfield brand strategy to global market expansion, the Intelligent Pixel™ platform analyzes both online and offline data to provide a complete 360o view of millions of individual consumers.  The most immediate benefit of this high-volume hyper-profiling is the ability to define and refine your current or prospective markets quickly and accurately.  But that’s just the beginning.

With the Intelligent Pixel™ platform you not only understand exactly who’s initiating, influencing and making purchases, but who’s not – and how to change their minds. Understanding the unique attributes, values and motivators of your best customers also provides the requisite intelligence to recognize new look-alike prospects and develop alternative markets.




The key to attracting and persuading today’s consumer is experiential personalization – and that means more than just including their name in an email salutation.  Fortunately, the Intelligent Pixel™ platform evaluates interactive data from each touchpoint along the omni-channel journey – in real time – to profile consumers on a psychographic, behavioral basis.

The individualized intelligence derived from this process empowers you to craft creative strategies and engaging experiences that connect at a more personal level to promote conversion, adoption and retention.