As a provider of targeted digital advertising technology, we work hard to make sure the ads you see online are both relevant and safe. To deliver ads that best reflect your interests, we may collect information about your online activity, including your search history, browsing history, demographics, and location.

You’re in complete control of your privacy. If at any time you want to opt out of interest-based advertising by modernIMPACT, you may.

modernIMPACT may also work with third parties that collect data on its website and on other websites to serve you targeted ads. You can opt out of interest-based ads by companies that participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance opt out program by clicking here.

modernIMPACT proudly adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles Learn more about your rights as a consumer by exploring the links below or by emailing

More about ModernImpact:
ModernImpact works to provide impactful advertising using proprietary technology and data to reach and engage our clients’ high-value audiences. We use the MI Intelligent PixelTM to help control and manage audience segmentation, gather site data in real time, and gain greater insight into user behavior, purchase patterns and much more. This allows us to serve the right creative at the right time to generate more engagement.
MI also helps consumer brands with solutions for the modern world – from brand strategy to brand innovation, big ideas to customer experience, and all things necessary to navigate the increasingly complex mobile landscape. Today’s digital technology converges across all media channels. MI guides our clients through this ever-growing “Omni-channel” to provide incremental customer conversion both in-store and online.