Revel Spirits


“We searched far and wide for a strategic partner to bring our new brand to market. After meeting with Madison Ave stalwarts and others purported to be the “most innovative agencies” today, we realized none of them understood our consumer, how to develop our brand, how to leverage complex technology and actually create sales demand like Modern Impact.”


As a CPG start-up, Revel holds exclusive rights to timeless recipes for distilling Weber Blue Agave into Avila™ – a spirit in the same Agave-based family as its famous cousin, Tequila.  In other words, they haven’t just produced a new product; they have introduced an entirely new product category.

Immersing ourselves as true partners in the venture, MI helped Revel conceive and execute every step of their introduction to the market – from consumer intelligence, brand identity, package design and investor communications to website development, celebrity endorsement, retail activation and digital marketing.

In just a few years, sales of Revel Spirits have increased dramatically, and like many successful growth companies, their biggest challenge today is increasing production to meet market demand.

Sipping is the New Shot

From us, to you…Mas Espiritu