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Success Starts with Your Inner Circle

By October 24, 2018December 10th, 2020

Follow These Five Keys to Individual Success

Want a crazy-successful life? Keep your friends close, and your inner circle closer!

From key life decisions to your overall success, your circle of friends has a great influence on your life. How you communicate and interact with them can have such a positive effect on bringing your accomplishments to the next level. We don’t think about it much, so here are five things to keep in mind on the topic…and be sure to thank your friends next time you see them!

1. Your Close Circle Determines Your Success
All of us like to take credit for our achievements…as we should! We’ve all heard stories and seen successful people talk about their road to success. It feels great to boast about our accomplishments, like the great press you just got or that long-awaited job promotion. Often though, we don’t hear a lot about the close circle of friends that helped along the way. Take a look at your circle and you’ll see how they have attributed to your successes. They may be having a larger impact on your life than you realize…or would like to admit. Both personally and professionally – your strong relationships make you a stronger person.

2. Social Influence
Your close circle of friends will influence your decisions and inspire you to do your best. So, next time one of your friends has a crazy idea about a personal goal or project, give them honest feedback and support them! Even the small things can have a positive effect on your friend’s success. Outside of our circle, the impact social influencers are having on our lives is showing significant movement as well. Take Taylor Swifts recent effort to encourage young people to get out and vote (she has almost 113 million Instagram followers alone). You know they’re listening, and she will have made an impact.

Employees celebrating in the office

3. Keep in touch
We’ve all had jobs we’ve loved and others we’ve loved maybe a little less. Most likely though, we met great people along the way. Those people become our social circle and a foundation to build the career we want and to create better opportunities. Pay attention to those you meet and the ones that truly listen and encourage you along the way. Just remember to repay the favor the next time they reach out to you!

4. Network isn’t always work
Networking can be fun right? I’ve met several people while networking that have had great stories to tell! The people you work closest with can affect how you are making business decisions, and that cocktail hour or panel of speakers can put some interesting and successful people in your path that you may want to add to your circle. Interacting with people who both move you forward and challenge your opinions will create the best possible output.

5. Tie it all together
Modern Impact places a strong emphasis on our fellow team members and clients, and we cultivate those relationships and friendships to include in our “inner circle”. We know our inner circle has a huge impact on our success, and we want to ensure strong unity and professional working relationships to create great things for everyone involved. Success attracts success, and we strive to make everyone around us that much better, while asking them to do the same.

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