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An Optimistic Outlook on Authentic Diversity in Advertising.

Purple people. Shrunken heads. Miss Universe and the Notorious RBG. At a time when everyone on Twitter seems perpetually pissed off and even the Rainbow Flag (the official OG symbol of diversity) is being scrutinized for its lack of inclusivity, Dominic Friend invites us all to put down our pitchforks, lower the volume and explore what we can do to – together – to approach advertising in more authentically “woke” way. Check out his recently published article at where it can be read in it’s entirety.

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Dominic Friend

Author Dominic Friend

As Chief of Creative Strategy for Modern Impact, Dominic Friend not only sets the standard for our client work, but raises the bar for our industry. A graduate of Laguna College of Art & Design, Dom brings his SoCal roots and sunny disposition to Minneapolis; sharing his prolific talent for CPG, product marketing and retail promotion across the omni-channel. Dom cultivates creativity with his unique talents, worldly views and global travel experiences. He’s a true design expert who leverages impeccable taste and inexhaustable passion for everything he does. Read Dom for realistic perspectives on cool stuff – with an unexpected, modern twist.

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