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Building a
Relevant Brand

Responsive branding does more than share your story. It helps the right consumers relate to your vision and values.

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Drafting Your Brand Blueprint

There’s more to building brands than logos and slogans. It begins with constructing a strong foundation of internal principles and concepts (like vision and values) upon which external elements (like visual and verbal identity) can be constructed.

This systematic approach not only produces rock-solid brand strategy, but insights that influence and elevate all other aspects of your marketing. Creative decisions are no longer made on the subjective basis of “like or don’t like” – but on whether they “fit or don’t fit” your brand blueprint.

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Telling Your Best Stories

Shackled by a lack of vision or new initiatives, traditional brands have few options beyond product extension or competitor acquisition for growing brand equity and market share.

But today’s emerging, evolving brands are connecting with their best prospects by crafting authentic, emotionally rich stories that transform experience, align with consumer values, accentuate personal relevance and enhance user engagement.

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Raising the IQ of Smart Creative

Thanks to MI’s Intelligent Pixel technology, everything we do is driven by data – and that includes our approach to content strategy. The insights acquired during your initial brand audit help us identify prominent attitudes and emerging trends that are then leveraged to create brand archetypes, relevant user personae and compelling messages.  It’s the perfect blend of technology and creativity.


Ensuring your brand resonates in a more personal, persuasive way.

Brand Analysis + Evaluation

Brand Architecture

Brand + Package Design

Brand Vision + Values

Visual + Verbal Identity

Brand Profiling + Positioning
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