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The Intelligent Pixel®

Collecting and analyzing real-time response data to optimize every consumer interaction.

Alchemizing Big Data Into Smart Data

The speed of business continues to accelerate, so Modern Impact has engineered what can only be described as the turbocharger of marketing engines.

Our real-time behavioral targeting and look-alike modeling allow us to identify key prospects across all markets and media, evaluate collective response to variable content, then duplicate and re-target the most receptive audiences to enhance market response.

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Employing Machine Learning for Perpetual Growth

Integrating with virtually any form of digital media – search, display, native, social, mobile – our proprietary platform automatically collects response data at the time of ad delivery to enable laser-sharp retargeting of your highest-value prospects.

Over time, the algorithms powering the Intelligent Pixel® continue to collect insights on your most engaged users to drive machine learning and produce increasingly more efficient campaigns.


Leveraging real-time response and data-driven insights to predict what’s around the next corner.

Market + Competitive Analysis

Consumer Profiles + Personae

Media Attribution + Optimization

Content Design + Testing

Data Analysis + Reporting

Database Development + Management
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