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Web Personalization empowers you to effectively target website visitors in increasingly meaningful ways, based on their preferences and intentions. It takes online customer experiences beyond the one-message-fits-all approach to generate more immediate interactions, greater engagement and increased loyalty. Perhaps most importantly, web personalization has been proven to drive a significant increase in conversion and resulting revenue.

Adding web personalization to your marketing toolkit represents a valuable strategic investment. Companies with personalization programs enhance their existing marketing efforts, increase customer engagement and deliver measurable results. ModernImpact’s Intelligent Pixel® platform empowers marketers to increase engagement and conversions of website visitors and application users through real-time personalization based on deep behavioral analytics and customer data.

01. Define the Market

Define Audience Segments

While web personalization is effective at delivering on-site, in-session personalization, it’s important to step back and gain a broader perspective on those who comprise the key segments of your target audience. Our ultimate goal is to reach the right prospects with the perfect message at exactly the right time in their buying journey, and deeper understanding of these key consumer segments is critical in creating the most influential content and calls-to-action. So, as the Intelligent Pixel platform gathers individualized data about each of your prospects, ModernImpact also discovers significant trends and behavioral patterns that shape and define unique target groups.

Define Buyer Journeys

Based on your user personae, ModernImpact carefully defines and maps every step of each visitor’s journey – from discovering your website to downloading content to completing a purchase or other important action. This comprehensive journey map allows us to associate key messaging and other targeted content including dynamically customized offers, progressive calls-to-action and real-time personalization. It’s entirely possible to present more than one path per persona and multiple personalized tactics per path. But in any case, this level of journey customization not only moves visitors from one step to the next but can also accelerate the process.

Define Content Parameters

Identifying the sources, access points and characteristics of each unique user also allows ModernImpact to personalize the message and other content that engages, motivates and propels them throughout their digital journey. For instance, B2C ecommerce environments can now show first-time visitors entirely different offers tied to specific campaign sources, while return users are greeted by product recommendations based on prior time-spent-viewing. At the same time, B2B marketing sites are enabled to detect the visitor’s industry completely alter the home page they see. In a way, it’s the ultimate definition of “responsive” design.

02. Develop the Message

ModernImpact’s Personalization Process:



Have a clear call-to-action for each personalization campaign and how to expect it to impact visitors.


Select a message type + layout that best fits the desired action we want the visitor to take.


Evaluate all screen sizes, browsers, and devices for optimal experiences.


Push the campaign live and gather performance data.


Optimize your campaigns based on what you learn from live performance and A/B testing.

03. Measure + Maximize Results

AB Testing

Once personalization tactics are in place and campaigns are launched, testing each component becomes critical.  Your visitor base is dynamic, constantly in flux, and traveling multiple pathways across your sites to reach variable goals and outcomes.  Combining systematic A/B testing with consumer personalization can provide particularly powerful results. Instead of limiting you to assessment of content changes for your entire audience, our Intelligent Pixel platform automatically presents A/B testing of customized content by specific audience segment.  With ModernImpact, you can set content controls for each touchpoint throughout the journey and then evaluate effectiveness against each audience segment or user persona.
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