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In Other Words: Take Your Offline, Online

If you’ve leveraged broadcast TV and radio to promote your brand, you’ve spent serious money trying to get your brand and message out there – and even MORE serious cash to cast a wide net. But was this money well spent? Was the timing right for every customer you reached? Did you reach people that aren’t interested in your brand? In other words, is your media strategy a bit old school?

What if you could hyper-target your audience segments, maximize performance and optimize ad dollars?

It’s football season so let’s use a relevant example. (I love football. BIG Vikings fans here in Minneapolis – perhaps conditioned for disappointment but that’s another story.) Nevertheless, a favorite “old school” analogy at our Modern Impact office is that every truck manufacturer advertises during football. Why? Men like football, and men like trucks. That’s contextual marketing, baby. It’s what we all learned back in the day. But, that’s not going to cut it anymore.

Hey – I’m not the only one trying to spread the word… Google and Harvard are, too: “As the volume of video content has exploded in the past few years, consumer behavior changed drastically, and the advertising industry failed to adapt. Today the attention paid to ads is not equal across screens and mediums, but advertisers aren’t accounting for that properly.”

Let’s face it. Technology has changed. Consumer behavior has changed. And, relevancy is more important than ever – especially in the connected world we live in today. As a marketer, you need to prove (time and time again) that you can increase performance with a positive ROI.

Spotify sign-in dashboard on mobile phone

Instead of mass marketing, consider programmatic IPTV (streaming TV) and streaming radio (ahem, 80M Spotify users without a premium account). With it, you can hyper-target high value or aspirational customers, with custom messaging for each, shown where and when they’ll pay attention. You’ll spend less cash to cast a smaller, more effective net so you can increase ROI. Now, your media strategy can be as tough and rugged as that truck on TV.

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