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Llamas and Post Malone

By February 15, 2019July 22nd, 2021Digital, Media

How MI’s Intelligent Pixel Could Have Predicted the Next Hot Topics

Picture Post Malone riding a Llama in your new :30 spot. Now, picture it running in the pod right before the tattooed wonder appeared at the Grammys with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (and, for those unaware, Llamas are the latest must-have accessory). Ta da! You’ve successfully bested your competition and every other advertiser on Sunday night by knowing THE hottest topics and trends before they could even say “Dang, now I want a face tattoo”.

If you had been running the Modern Impact Intelligent Pixel® for the last 2 months or so, you’d have known how to wow everyone with your crystal ball of insights and “right-on” messaging that would have driven up those oh-so-lowly Q1 sales. In a nutshell, Intelligent Pixel is to machine learning as what Dwayne Johnson is to entertainment… always on and always knowing what people want to see next. (For more about that, be sure to check out our post on programmatic superpowers, too.)

Take this week’s Dexerto post for instance, suggesting that Post Malone should stage the next Fortnight concert…take away his expletives and he could totally relate to the independent, open-minded-yet-very-picky Gen Zs who are crazy about the game – and help keep them from moving over to the competition. While the Dexerto post is indeed timely, observant and strategically on-point, it came after Sunday night’s Grammy performance. Imagine if it had come before? With Intelligent Pixel, it might have.

Now, how about those Llamas? Frankly, they have the best scientific name of any animal: “Lama Glama”. And apparently, they’re all the rage at the moment… so get yourself a Llama and name it Post or Malone. You’ll be all set until this weekend when the next hot trends emerge.

Cam Campbell

Author Cam Campbell

Yes, that’s really her name and, no, her parents aren’t cruel – she married into it. After 30 years navigating the traditional and digital advertising space, Cam joined ModernImpact to become our Chief Content Strategist. But she’s not just about creating content, she’s focused on metric-driven marketing messages with underlying, clever wit (when applicable). Working from our Denver office, she’s a master at Slack and video conferencing; working so closely with her MI colleagues she can smell the creativity streaming all the way from the Minneapolis office. Join Cam on her ever-evolving adventure through Marketingland (and ocassionally Mothertown and INeedSomeWineville).

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